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The animal acts are a smaller group, but sure are hardworkers. I wouldn't call them all that though. Sure- you can tame an animal or two, but where does that get you in the real world?



Mena! Her full name is actually Philomena,
but most of us just call her Mena.
She's the animal tamer of the show, she's strong willed and hard headed, to say the least!
I admire her for being able to handle Rodney, he's such a pest!
Some people don't like her cuz of her sterness, but personally,
I have no reason for why I dislike her.


Rodney Blazingfire - he's as weird as his name!
Only Dupont Circus would house a famous movie star and
put him in animal costumes after he went nuts!
Out of costume, he's not such a bad guy... but the second you pass him a mane and a tutu,
he only responds to "Truffles the Lion"! The only thing more embarrassing than him is that...
His advice is so good! He makes me feel like an idiot by association!


Calm, collected, words to describe Zoya..
NOT her snake! For a snake charmer, you'd think her snake wouldn't be scary.
But when she's not on stage, she let's it go wild!
Zoya seems to be oblivious to the fact it's a venomous DEADLY snake.
Yea, she's nice, great even, to be around....
But I'd rather her leave her snake back when she's going out.

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