Obviously, THIS is me!~
I'm the main character, the star of this place! People usually find me self-centered,
or annoying, but it is all a part of my act!
Of course I'm self centered, this thing is centered around moi after all!~~


Her full name is actually Philomena,
but most of us just call her Mena.
She's the animal tamer of the show, she's strong willed and hard headed, to say the least!
Some people don't like her cuz of her sterness, but personally,
I have no reason for why I dislike her.

Amy (I think)

I don't know who this is!
I think she shoots herself out of cannons.. Or maybe I dreamt that!
Whoever she is, I'm sure she SUCKS at her job!


Eva is a really kind soul! She calls me sweetheart,
well, she calls everyone sweetheart.
She is a trapeze artist, and I don't think anyone could do it better!
Maybe I could, actually.


This guy is really a loser!
He's one of the many who hates his job, really hates it!
He primarily is a balloon artist, who crushes kids dreams, cuz his
talent for balloon animaling is low.
Sometimes, he has to work the dunk booth.
It gave him the nickname, "Dunker boy".


Cossette is strange, it's a contortionist.
It likes to play tricks on people, but they're a good.. Person?
You can tell they take pride in their talent, but I can't say I'm not freaked out by them!
Maybe they should be in the freakshow instead.


I've put a question mark on her name, cuz no one actually knows it.
She also won't tell us her name, then says
"Don't call me Mousey!", like make up your mind!
She's our magician, but I can't say she should be considered a professional.
She made Pierre disappear once,
I kinda wish she didnt make him come back out of that hat of hers!


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