The clowns of backstage


Obviously, THIS is me!~
I'm the main character, the star of this place! People usually find me self-centered,
or annoying, but it is all a part of my act!
Of course I'm self centered, this thing is centered around moi after all!~~


Diz is my handy-dandy stage partner.
He USED to be the star of the show, then I came in!
Now he's just same lame side act, kinda prone to be the local pushover.
Cause he's a doormat, and cause I push him a lot!


Manny is not the friendliest,
even associating the word "friendly" with her feels wrong!
She NEVER smiles, never is happy, never in a good mood! An extreme buzzkill,
a useless to the show, moody, buzzkill!
She says she has a reason for it buttttt..
I can't say I really care.


Pip is like the role-model for us.
She actually loves working here, and she loves her coworkers too??
She's talented, and is willing to share that talent too..
Does she think she's better than me or something?!


This guy is really a loser!
He's one of the many who hates his job, really hates it!
He primarily is a balloon artist, who crushes kids dreams, cuz his
talent for balloon animaling is low.
Sometimes, he has to work the dunk booth.
It gave him the nickname, "Dunker boy".



Blossom is almost as sweet as her name.
She likes to be a trickster, but she's just a little lady.
Out of all of the clowns, she's a bit off to the side.
But I don't think she minds, she's just here for the ride.

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