Oh yes, the category for those try-hard band kids who thought they'd make it big-- but instead wound up in a circus! They're a bit of an unlikely group, since they're all so different... But they make it work! Low leveled,but high class, nobodies...


Diego is a good guy, people like him for his constant seek for inner talent..
But, I just call that being a perfectionist freak!
It's like he thinks he's some kinda modern day Mozzart,
But I'll just call him modern day nobody.


David is quite the opposite to Diego,
He may be good at instrumenting, I don't think he cares too much about his job.
He's more about trying to be some lame, weirdo, stupid main character.
He may have a rival, but he will never score a girl.


Buppha is kinnnnda lazy...
Yes- she is the most talented player of accordian I've ever seen!
She can play that thing with her eyes closed- which she does a lot! Cuz, she's always sleeping!
Can you imagine being that tired? I'd call her sleeping beauty, but-... No, I'll hold back.


Did you know her full name is Polly Esther?
How stupid is that?! For being a flutist, she is anything but graceful.
She is full of tricks and pranks, I don't know how they keep her in the band!
Sure, the talent is one thing, but who wants to stick around a nasty little turd like her...

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