Side acts

The side acts are a backbone to our show, they keep the people entertained, you know?
I guess they deserve the title of 'star acts', but that'd be taking away from what, and who really matters...
They're a talented and big group, but they could never outshine the real star of the show.


Hula-hooping isn't that entertaining, I mean,
you're just spinning
some circle around your waist!
I GUESS she makes it look cool, especially when she adds some flare...
But she always calls me out for being "mean" or "selfish.."
It really gets on my nerves how she thinks she can call me rude!
Buuut, she's fun to be around, she's the circuses go-to for a good time.



Well, Bon Utah is an OK juggler. Better than his twin sister Bonabel,
but believe me when I tell you that his talent does NOT make up for how unbelievably annoying he is.
Listening to him scream about not being from Utah (which he so IS from)
or him forcing a crowd to gather round for a bad show...
You'd wish something would just fall from the sky and knock you unconscious



Sometimes I pity her for being related to Bon..
She's so untalented it brings a tear to my eye...
I've never met someone so.. Boring, untalented, and forgettable as Bonabel Utah.
She has potential, but maybe she should juuust... Give up?



How many more jugglers do I have to complain about?!
Out of the other two, Archie has the most talent.
He used to get big gigs, a real rising star...
But I guess there was a horrible accident
which brought him so low he's just working at some circus like this.
He seems to not realize his fame is dead,
so he still acts like he's hot shit.



Linus really thinks he's better than everyone, like that's MY job!
He treats his puppet like she has a soul..
It freaks me out so much! I wonder if he is aware of his arrogance.
As aloof as he may be with his ass in the clouds,
I do think it's cool when he shuts his mouth to make that doll talk...
I wish he'd keep his lips shut forever.



They're a pretty whimsical person, they have this gag
where they sit in a box and read peoples fortune like those creepy old robots.
You'd be surprised with how much dough it brings in.
I don't think a single thing they've said has ever been wrong though.
Part of me is praying on their downfall, the other part of me knows it won't happen.
The cards don't lie!



UGH! Technically, he should be in the clown section,
but he's here cuz he's always off to the side!
I think he's funny cuz he thinks he can replace MOI!
Seriously, he's so salty that I "stole his place" or whatever.
I think he doesn't understand that being a self absorbed, whiny,
annoying douche gets you nowhere!....
Well, unless you're me, haha....


This debby-downer is acctually a good friend of mine.
We get along well by getting Mikey to do her job instead, and it's SO funny!
But, when she actually has to get dunked by some nasty kids,...
She can be in a pretty bad mood.
I don't know if she knows how to break character,
because she's always insulting people where it cuts deep!!!
Not that it's not funny, I just hate when she picks on me specifically.

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