Stunt Actors!

These are the noble "stunt-actors". They do the dangerous and shocking stunts everyday! It always surprises me how they're NOT dead yet.
In terms of this plucky bunch, I dunno if that'd be suuuuch a tragedy.


Oh, our dearest magician! Maybe she should pull talent out of that hat of hers!
She isn't all that like she says she is.
She has a short temper, and she always uses people for her tricks!
She's violent and heinous I tell you! Oh so cruel and heinous~


I think this is Amy?
I don't really know who she is. She may shoot herself out of cannons?
Actually, I probably dreamt that,
Whoever she is, I bet she SUCKS at her job!


James is a really fun guy
I'm sure you'd expect him to be a real hot-head cause he works with fire (get it?)
but he's not! He usually is the person who defuses arguments instead of fanning the flames (get it?)
And he's never known to fight fire with fire!
But he's a real flaming guy!
All puns were intended.


Crazy is an understatement.
If you don't fear for your life when wandering the knife throwing station, then I don't trust you!
The only thing scarier than Sergey himself is his perfect aim.
My best advice to you, when he's near... Watch your step!


I really, really, hate Shep!!,
I'm GLAD he works with Sergey, now that's an act I'd pay to see!!
He's just so.. so whiny! And snarky!
Honestly, he is just the worst guy ever.
And it sure doesn't help his case that he is british.


Bao is one of the oldest members here!
She dates back since like... Forever!
She's so wise! She's an escape artist, so she's pretty strategical.
Most people go to her for advice, but I don't go to her at all. Haha!

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