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This is a subcategory for the workers at our circus whom do not perform, rather are providing loyal attendees and performers with the greater good of service. However, the term "respect our workers" kind of falls into a grey area when it comes to them.
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Really, I cant find a nice word to even associate with this guy..
How does someone who sells hotdogs, and have soda stains on his uniform earn my respect?!
Exactly! It doesn't! Pierre is a stuck up nobody, with no friends, or talent!
It's no wonder all he could score is working a cash register,...
Which, he isn't very good at that either.


To be honest, using the word "idiot" to describe Kimmy feels rude.
She isn't the brightest in the brain, but her heart is made of pure gold!
Does that mean she doesn't annoy me? No way!
Seriously, I think all that sugar seeped into her brain and made her a total ditz of a human!
How has she not been fired?


She is one crazy chick!
You can't find her doing her job, she's always actually painting whatever boy she's interested in!
She's never drawn me before, though...
But, that's not the point! If you catch her actually doing her job,...
Then she's doing it horribly wrong!


Silvia really has a good eye for loose threads,
cause she is the costume and prop fixer! I don't think she has anything better to do.
I guess she's ok, because she minds her own business, but...
When have I ever been respectful to people who have respect?

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